A Full Beltaine Ritual


Beltane, feast of the sacred fire. Floria. Walpurgisnacht. Bealtaine. Festival of belenos. Walburgs eve. Belfire. Lady day. May pole festival. May day.

Beltaine eve. Goluan night. Feast of bel. Brans festival. Feast of the holly & oak. Boonfire night of may.

1st of May north, 1st November south.


All go to places in circle.
Water rings bell 3 times .
Air does pentacle, then silent call, lights incense & walks it around circle.
Fire does pentacle, then silent call, lights candles (not Anpu candle ),
Takes up cauldron candle & walks it around circle.
Water does pentacle, then silent call, blesses water & walks around circle sprinkling it.
Earth does pentacle, then silent call, blesses salt & sprinkles it around circle.
1st guardian: Round we go to greet our maiden on this fair day
2nd guardian: Round the circle we dance by three, so our goddess we may see.
All: Dance around circle
Elder: In her light & in this rite, we dedicate ourselves to you & our green lord.
Priest: We give greetings to the goddess of things wild & free, of trees, of flowers, of waters fair. We call upon you lovely lady be here with us this time & all the days of our lives.

Blessed be the words of the lady of May (the hawthorn) & the laughing lord of the greenwood. Let now thy great light come into us & illuminate our minds, souls & spirits. So we may be filled with your cosmic love & will be better able to tread our paths in this present lifetime.

Priestess: Teach us right from wrong, teach us to see the hidden meaning in all we see & hear. Teach us to listen to the wind & water as we walk through green fields & forests tall. Let us feel the hum of the earth & its fires within. Teach us to listen to our inner voices & meditate on life's inner meaning, teach us o gods to be silent.

All: So mote it be.
Water rings bell 3 times.
Priest: Moves to stand before house hold guardian and says:
Hail! Anpu, hail household guardian.
We give you thanks for your protection & love,
May the triple goddess bless you three times for the work you do.
Anpu we give you honour & love in return.
Priestess: Lovely lady ! Great lord!
We present the guardian of this house, the special spirit we have invited into our home as protector & guide. We honour this spirit in this symbol of its being & pray the great lord Anpu will be honoured in turn. Great ones bless this guardian of this house. Your blessing we add our thanks.
Priestess lights green candle.
All: We give thanks lord & lady
Each one present anoints guardian, priest, priestess, then elder , air fire, water, earth, & coven members & visitors starting in the east & moving round clockwise.
Earth hands out flower petals, each one takes some.
All go round the circle 3 times & throw your petals at household guardian.
Water rings bell 3 times.
Priest: O mother Goddess, queen of the night & earth's bounty.

O father God, king of the day & forests green.

We celebrate your union as nature rejoices in a riotous blaze of colour & life. Profusion of living creatures shall cover the lands & the winds blow pure & sweet.

O ancient ones, we celebrate with you accept our gifts, mother Goddess & father God in honour of your union.

Each one places their token on the beltain tree. Start in east go clockwise.

Water rings bell 3 times & hands out tarot cards for meditation.

Water rings bell 3 times after approximately 3min. of meditation.

Earth hands out green cloth, & thread, then passes out healing herbs & pen.

Place herbs in the middle of cloth & make a healing rune on the cloth, now take up excess cloth & tie with thread. Bags to be thrown on fire after rite.

1st guardian: The oak is the lord, the maiden the may (hawthorn)

Take away our pains & woes on this fair day.

2nd guardian: Lord, Lady take away all bane, help us heal ourselves.

Elder: Lord, Lady, take way our fears & dreads on this fair day.

Water rings bell 3 times

Cakes & ale.

Priest: May all good people on the earth , come to love, & health & mirth.

Priestess: By oak & may & beltaine fire, we thank those present, here at this time. May all go in power & friendship. So mote it be.

All: So mote it be.

Water rings bell 3 times.

1st guardian: Depart in peace oak & May.

Fire snuffs candles.

2nd guardian: Merry meet, merry part, merry meet again, this rite is done.

All: Dance widdershins.

Spokespersons for elements take offerings out side. Feast begins.

Those to be present should bring the following: tarot cards, hierophant, 5

Is this festivals card.)cypress, oak, or pine branch. Crowns of flowers, a hand made token or a coin or semi-precious stone etc. For tree, some petals.

They should wear green or something green on their neutral robes (black or white.), may wear their karmic headbands if they wish under their flower crowns. They should bring some thing to eat & drink to share with coven.

The festival foods are:

Roasted or stewed meat wild boar used to be served in the old days but pork is now used. All vegetables are used, cooked or as salads. All milk products are used for this festival in all its forms. Bread, milk bread & rolls. Cakes & puddings are of m ilk base or fruit. E.g.: custard slices, eclairs, cheesecakes, savoury cheese biscuits, fruit cake & fruit & nut cakes cookies & chocolate.


ale, beer, fruity wine, wine punch, fruit brandies, fruit juice fruit teas. & mead.

This ritual begins with the first sighting of venus, the evening star. After ritual 2 fires are lit, those present run between them, jump over them & also jump over running water for good luck. We all dance around these fires, using a foot stamping movement of 1,2 3, rhythm.

The beltaine tree used in rite is usually a small branch of some tree

Bursting forth leaves & buds. This branch & its tokens are buried the next day as an offering to the gods.

Before the ritual, the may king and queen are chosen.

Put marbles in a container for each one present. Two of these marbles will be different from the others.

The priest and priestess are excluded.

When the may king and queen are chosen, they are crowned with special crowns of flowers.

When the fire is about to be lit after the ritual:

The may queen says :

The fire of spring has been burning,

The wheel of the year has been turning.

The fire and the wheel has brought us here to may day,

The beginning of summer.

It is now time to light the fire of summer and to burn away all the remains of winter.

Priest: (places the 9 woods of beltane on the fire and lights the fire from the candle, the may-queen is holding. Blesses the fire.)

Each one present places a pine cone on the fire. When it burning brightly and strongly the may-king says:

Winter is gone and summer is here.

Winter is dead and summer is alive.

Winter is ashes in summer's great fire.

(takes the image of winter from the priestess and places it on the fire and from the ashes of winter, summer springs up.

Green and bright and shining and warm.

From the earth to us, from us to the earth, the wheel is always turning.

Healing chant is now chanted by everyone: while chanting everybody dances the infinity symbol between the 2 fires.

Beltane fires we sing, we sing

With this poppet, health i bring

To one who pines in pain and sorrow

Beltane fires heal them tomorrow.

Each one then throws their bag on the fire, whispering the one that they want to be healed. Drinks are served and before the fires die down each one has to jump three times over the fire. (if may-pole is available then may-pole dancing now commences. )

Toast for feast.

Oak & may & beltain fire.

In these we have but one desire.

May all good people of the earth & our wiccan brothers & sisters, come to love & health & mirth. We drink to the oak & may.

When the fires are going strongly, we start the healing chant, & each throws their healing bag on the fire, while whispering their name 3 times to the

Priest: reads the chant.

Beltaine fires we sing, we sing ( all repeat each line after him while dancing around the fires )

With this poppet, health I bring,

To one who pines in pain & sorrow,

Beltaine fires heal them tomorrow.

Oak & may we come to greet,

Merry here again we meet

May those who pine in pain & sorrow.

By oak & holly be healed to morrow.

Early morning rite.

Go out side & greet the with a foot stomping dance. The 1, 2 3 rhythm to wake up the earth, & drink a toast to the maiden, leaving an offering.

Chant: holly, oak & hawthorn, hip hip hooray, around we will go, to our maiden on this may day, oak & may upon this day will both heed those in need.

To the maiden a toast we offer. At mid-day

We welcome the elements, (silent call.) Light a candle & some incense & go out side to drink a toast to our bright lord in his flaming glory, & pour some wine or ale on the earth.

To the holly & oak, we thank our bright lord for his presence on this fair brightly shines the lord our god, lord send bright blessings from above, on your children here this day, in this merry month of May.